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Do poundshop sell ear plugs?

Posted 8th Jun 2010
Hi guys

I'm passing a 99p store and Poundland this Thursday and was wondering if anyone knows if they sell disposable ear plugs to help sleeping from the occassional noisy neighbours during the night..

Similar to these ones I'm looking for, otherwise I'll order from ebay. Thanks.

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I suppose it depends on each store what kind of stock it has. So I'd probably just buy those ebay earplugs, 3 pairs for £1.10 is pretty good.
Its probably worth a quick look in the pound shop though.
Most chemists also sell earplugs, don't know the price though.
poundland has had them and they are the soft compressable ones, stock does change all the time though..
Don't know if you have a Home Bargains in your area but I bought some (for the exact same purpose - we have a neighbour who thinks its a good idea to put the Karaoke machine on outside at midnight!!!). They were 69p for 3 pairs.
Boots sell 3 packs probably a couple of quid if I remember correctly
go via ebay

i got 50 pairs for a fiver

they're good enough, do the trick.
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