Do pvcu windows normally have 1cm+ gaps between wall & frame hidden by pvcu straps in reveals?

    Just having our kitchen done & between the edge of the frame & the plaster there's huge gaps that were previously hidden behind big straps of plastic glued to the reveal. Presumably where the plaster was hacked back to get the frame in but never filled back in just covered over.

    Some of these are big enough to get fingers in & disappear deep into the walls


    yes. when measuring windows you always take of 10mm or 1cm from your widest measurement. it allows for distortions in brickwork.

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    As already stated. These are not custom fit on site they are manufactured offsite. Expanding foam carefully applied will close the draught gap.
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    Yes - which if left unfilled completely defeats the purpose of the windows.

    When I found the fitters had done this, I took off the internal trims and part-filled the gaps with expanding foam, this greatly reduces the heat loss.

    Another handy tip - if you have an old house with bay windows

    The upstairs bay is basically plasterboard, a wooden frame, some weatherproof sheeting and render,with a 2-4cm gap in the middle. I drilled holes and filled the bottom with expanding foam (to seal it where it goes under the floorboards), then filled the rest with polystyrene beads (bean bag beads), before sealing the frame back up.

    It made a HUGE difference to my heat levels and heating costs - for only a £10 outlay..

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    That's as I thought ie it shouldn't just be left hidden. We've got terrible damp problems despite central heating & passifier vents in every room & place cools down really quickly.

    The toilet with 3 internal walls is currently sitting at 10C despite rest of the house being warm.

    House is rented so sounds like I need to have a moan at someone about getting these gaps filled in then.
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