Do scart leads gradually lose quality?

Found 21st Jun 2008
Just checking a I bought a new scart cable for my ps1 from game, obv though its a PS3 one thats backwards compatable.

Is it just the quality of manufacture has gotten better over the years or that older ones just wear out.
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Oxygen Free Copper is more commonly used now, which has a lower resistance, so provides a stronger signal. Oxygen builds up in cables over time, and becomes more and more of a problem over several years, and the more there is to start with the worse the problem is later on.

Also some SCARTs for the Playstation series support RGB, and some do not, RGB provides a much much better image quality, when available. The TV must support RGB, and the Playstation must have it enabled. In addition to this many TVs that support RGB SCART only support RGB on 1 SCART Socket.

Also the gold pins on the cables wear if they are connected and unconnected many times. Plus the pins will Oxidize, further increasing resistance, and reducing the quality of conection.
Is it not possible that your original scart lead wasn't a fully wired RGB cable? I worked at an indie for several years and cursed the stocks of 'fake' scart.
I know what RGB scart was as have been using it for 10 years, what it was is that I had a cable and it seemed ok but could see a bit of interferance, so tried another which was even worse and had a slight humming sound, so bought a new one which has crystal clear sound and pic is sharper.

The old 2 were RGB scart enabled.

But thinking back even about 6 years ago when I bought a new cable cheap then to replace one I already had it showed a massive quality jump which is why I assumed they degrade.
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