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Do something amazing this Christmas. Register as a Bone Marrow Donor with DKMS.

Posted 18th Nov 2019
Did you know?

The chances are there is a blood stem cell match for everyone in the world. 🌍

However, 4 out of 10 people in need of a blood stem cell donation in the UK are not able to find their match. In order to close this gap and give people fighting blood cancers and blood disorders the best possible chance of finding their match, we need as many people as possible to register as potential blood stem cell donors. ✊

Can you become a potential lifesaver and share this critical message? Someone’s best chance of beating blood cancer could be in you. 💞

All it takes to join the registry is a few minutes and three cheek swabs. Request your registration swab kit today at bit.ly/fb_dkms. 🌟 Here

Did you know?

During a blood stem cell donation via the bone marrow collection method, no more than 5% of your bone marrow will be removed. This equals a maximum of 1.5 litres of liquid marrow containing your lifesaving blood stem cells. 🌟

Indeed, for either donation procedure, the amount of blood stem cells collected is only a fraction of the body’s total amount. 👌

What's more, your immune system is not weakened and your incredible stem cells naturally replenish themselves within four weeks. 💞

Whilst this is all happening in your body, your donated stem cells will be working their magic in the bone marrow of a total stranger in order to replace their unhealthy blood stem cells and potentially save their life. ✨

Pretty fascinating stuff!


Every 20 minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with a blood cancer such as leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma and only around 30% of people with blood cancer find a matching donor within their family.

To register you must be between 17 and 55 years of age.

There are over 400,000 registered donors in the UK at present.

It is rare to find matching donors, so you may never be called upon at all. There is a 4-5% chance of being someone's match in the next 10 years.

The kit will be sent out to your home address and it is a simple cheek swab.

Your blood stem cells will completely replenish themselves within 2-4 weeks of the collection.

When you join the stem cell registry you are on standby to matched and potentially save the life of anyone with a blood cancer or blood disorder who needs a blood stem cell donation.

Your blood stem cells will never be stored, they last for around 72 hours and are delivered straight to the person in need by a special courier.

You will stay on the register until your 61st birthday!

Types of Donation:


This is when blood stem cells are collected from the donor’s blood stream by removing blood from one arm, running it through a machine that separates out the stem cells, then returning the blood to the donor through their other arm. Around 90% of donations are carried out using this method. This is a non surgical outpatient procedure and takes around 4-6 hours.


This is when the blood stem cells are collected from the bone marrow at the back of the hip bone (not the spine). The procedure is carried out under general anaesthetic so that no pain is experienced. The collection itself takes 1-2 hours and most donors return to their regular activities within a week. This method is only used in around 10% of cases.

Al Murray is currently working on the public to sign up for his nephew:


Link to DKMS fundraiser here: Link

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    Did this three weeks ago and it was SO easy and quick. Well done for bringing this to the forefront of people's minds. (edited)
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    Why is it, the 1st thing that springs into my head is my dogs treat?
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    Done. So easy. Please everyone do something amazing this Christmas and give someone the chance of finding a match.
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    I have been registered as a bone marrow donor for years.
    Did it when I gave blood.
    Several years later they requested that I gave a second sample as I was a potential match.
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    Great post

    hope plenty of people still see this in discussions.