do tax credits/benefits encourage u to work?

    my oh works mon-fri and i used to work every other fri and sat night shifts but after 9 years in the job and struggling to sleep in the day(and other personal reasons) i decided to leave my job with the intention of looking for something in the eve rather than weekends,
    but since i have finished work we are actually better off money wise and was wondering if anyone else has found this
    how does it give u an incentive to work?


    I've been out of work for about 20 months now and been on tax credits the whole time, getting benefits etc is not really an incentive but I just want to get back to work because i'm fed up of sitting around the house doing nothing.

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    i feel the same,i feel like i should be working but then wonder what the point is as i would be worse of plus its a struggle with the kids etc

    well I lost a decent salary and was only getting about £31 a month,when I lost my job my payments didn't go up, but down by about 30p a month.

    im due to go back to work after having 1yr off on maternity leave, im going back on 32 hrs, i was only gonna work 25 hrs but theres an incentive with tax credits if you do more than 30 hrs you get more money. ( we dont get alot anyway due to being in part of a couple with an average wage)

    My friend who is a single parent and worked with me worked out if she didnt go back to work, she would be £40 a week better off, with her rent and council tax paid for her to. So she gave up her job

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    we have worked out that because we will get some of our rent paid now we will actually be around £200 a month better off
    its crazy really

    and if you have kids on free school dinners thats quite a lot of saving in itself.


    and if you have kids on free school dinners thats quite a lot of saving … and if you have kids on free school dinners thats quite a lot of saving in itself.

    you dont get free school dinners if you get working tax credit

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    only one of my kids have school dinners but we have to pay for them as we get both tax credits
    i think its about 30 a month for each child to have school dinners
    we also have to buy school bus passes for 2 of them thats 30 a month for them both
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