Do taxi's give reciepts?

Found 20th Sep 2011
lol random but I got to work in another place tomorrow and I can claim travel back if I have proof, but honestly have never had a receipt from a taxi before so wasn't sure on the answer, just your avg cab driver, not a black cab or anything.
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Taxi's can't, but taxi drivers can.
Yes they can provide when asked. (most of them)

Edit: infact all of them should as it is a business transaction.
They used to be able to give you a written receipt as I've had them in the past, but going back a bit, but can't see why they wouldn't still do them.
They normally give you a company card with the price wrote on and sign it, that's what I've had before.
Just ask them and they will write one. Also if you want to tip them and round up the fare up to the nearst pound/50p/whatever you want to tip then you can ask them to write down the rounded up number.
Dunno, i'm usually too busy running off down the street.
Taxi's can't, but taxi drivers can.
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