do the 12 month web and wifi sims work on iphone 4?

    Just want to know if these sims work in iphone4, once cut up to micro sim size

    if not then will i have to get a micro sim, and what are the net charges?


    Micro sims are no diferent than a normal sim, just smaller, so cutting one is fine

    I used mine no probs
    Got it transferred to micro sim last night

    got a vodafone sim only deal last week got a normal sim card but changed at the vodafone shop for a micro sim or like jayjayuk1234 says cutting it should be fine

    There are guides online that show you how to cut the sim, although it is a simple as it sounds.
    They will be fine in the Iphone 4 as unlike the Blackberry it just uses the data package and doesn't need a special set-up.
    Last time I looked I think O2 did a good sim-only deal if you do it via Quidco you get a decent cashback amount.
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