Do the poundshop sell packs of plastic coat hangers?


    I need to buy quite a few coat hangers, probably the strong plastic ones.
    My friend thinks they sell the packs in the poundshop, do they?
    or do you know the best place to get them please?


    probably lol

    wilkinsons? asda?

    they do asdas have ones to not a bad price thats where i got mine. x

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    ooh thank you ladies x

    I got packs of 20 from Tesco for about £2 x

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    brill thanks


    Maybe try the local charity shop, they usually have loads and it'd be helping a good cause

    Matalan said they had to get rid of all the white ones I think it was and she gave me a bag full!

    I got mine from asda, quite cheap, they are cream ones,they are sturdy enough to hang heavy stuff on, but thin so they don't take as much space on the rail

    well as your friend says they do then I'd hazard a guess that yes, they do. Unless your friend is a habitual liar.

    Whats with the stupido threads today and yesterday? Has the sun fried everyones brains?
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