Do they still make & release new games for a Nintendo 2DS (not 2DS XL)

Posted 24th Sep
Hi there, my daughter keeps going about getting a Pokémon edition 2DS for her birthday but I was wondering if Nintendo & 3rd party companies still make & release new games for a Nintendo 2DS (not 2DS XL)

Would much appreciate your help. Thanks
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Not really, it's all moved to the Switch.

The 2DS/3DS still has a great library of games though, certainly plenty to keep you going for years.
Highly recommend getting one especially if it's for Pokemon. One of the best games for the the 2DS/3DS.
Thanks for confirming this for me. Yes I had a feeling since the Switch Lite had been released that the 2DS would be phased out. Just done a Google search about the same question but didn't have much luck in the search so thought I would post here.

Just searched future releases and couldn't see any games being released at all.
There's been only a few releases this year click. Get your daughter a used 'new' 3DS (2015), that's the best version if you can stretch it.
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The 3DS/2DS has a MASSIVE library of games. Loads of Pokemon on there. And it can play DS games too. Still worth getting I reckon. Wouldn't spend a lot on one though. And depending on her age, she might soon be edging dangerously close into fortnite territory
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Thank you again for the comments, she's turning 7 soon but yes there are plenty of games for it and I am sure she wouldn't know difference with them being with the latest releases.

Think she's just wants to play Mario & Pokémon really.
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