Do Three shops cut sims for you?

Posted 4th Feb 2015
Just need some advice, I have a new phone but it only takes micro sim, I am with Three and wondered has anyone managed to get their mini sim cut to micro at their shops? I am bit reluctant to do it myself as I don't want to break my only sim. thanks for any advice
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Not that I know of but Three will do a sim swap for free to a micro sim.
i cut a micro to nano last night, no problems
I went to local shop and asked them last year and they wouldn't do it for me, but instead gave me a new sim with the number transferred. They tried to charge me for it but I was on a monthly sim only and they did it for free after some wrangling. Think they wanted £5-6 from me at the time
Go to any corner shop for mobiles. They'll do it free.
I've cut down a sim using scissors and a template from the web, not difficult at all to be honest
yes they do, at least my local 3 shop in Surrey does.
where u based

where u based

Am based in North Birmingham

I see if a Three shop will do it, hopefully they won't charge since I been with them for ages! Although its a payg sim
As above, print off the template, cut with scissors and sand down a little.

10 mins max.
2 people I know had their Sims cut down by Three shop.
I am on payg .Three shop gave me a new Sim for free although they had to phone customer services and I had to register as if a new customer.Also
if you have Three home signal booster you have to register your number again even if it is the same number
Tried to charge me 5.10 for a nano sim as I got a different phone
They'll give you a new free SIM card to use provided you're on a monthly contract. Otherwise may charge you a small amount for new sim - if so just cut it
If you want to keep the same sim, buy a sim cutter from abay, they cost around £2, I done mine myself, took about 3 seconds to do
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I rang 333 and they said they would send a copy of my sim to me in the micro version if i wanted. I asked if I could get it done in my local three store and they said yes but I would be charged £5 which they would refund back to me

I went to my local three store the assistant swapped my old sim for a brand new micro sim. He also transferred all my numbers across from the old sim to the new one using this calculator type of thing. (For free)

I'm on contract though and I do think that its dependant on the assistant too. Sometimes they can be a bit funny.
Just go into three and they'll swap it straight over - takes about ten minutes for the transfer.
Had one cut down once to micro and it didn't fit in my phone properly - got stuck in there
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