do tmobile charge extra for calling 07595 numbers

Found 3rd Oct 2008
do tmobile charge extra for calling 07595 numbers that are on o2?

as partners got a simplicity contract thats got a number thats like the above?

if so can i leave my contract early as its due to end april 2009
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i would have thought they'd use your bundle minutes if you have them and then charge a nominal rate outside your bundle. i'd say no to been able to cancel your contract because of this.
tmobile free minutes are only tmobile to tmobile or landline or i guess you are getting charged
just wondard that was all. wil have o see ust want to know if my minets will cover it
Assuming that you dialed within within the correct time frame (off-peak or peak, or anytime depending on your contract tarrif)

As long as you have a cross network minutes contract then you shouldnt be getting charged for a standard call to the 0759x number.

The 0759x number is an O2 3G Phone number number but a cross network minute contract cover these unless otherwise stated in your contract.

The exception to this is if you placed a video call to the 0759x number, in which case you would get charged.

Don't you people mean cross network minutes?

If you have free cross network minutes then you won't get charged. of course that depends on whether your free minutes are peak or off peak
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