do u have to take a course to start up own business?

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Found 13th Aug 2010
or can u DIY it with a book??

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no you don't but if you've never done any sort of business course before I would highly recommend it.

wouldnt recomment going in blind because you would be liable to losing lots of money.

A business course would be handy if you don't know what to do but not really necessary if you have a good idea of how and what you want to do. Some business startup books can be found in your local library or even seek advice from your local business link. However, the only one course I would really recommend is the basic book keeping course your local tax office run which is free for new start ups. This course will show you what you need to do in regards basic accounting. Haven't been on it myself as I have accounting qualifications but others do highly recommend it
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depends on the business i suppose.. if its something you have a lot of experience in?... you'll prob be ok, but might need some advice on stuff like book keeping etc

You need a degree to use Sage lol

think it depends my dad started up his own business a good few years back with no business background think you have to have a great love/knowledge of the products services of your business, you would also need a fairly decent idea of facts and figures - my dad ended up getting his accountant - best thing would be to speak to people you know who have their own businesses - its like anything the courses/books of any career really only give you the basics and can't predict every situation you will face

good luck and i hope it works out for you


You need a degree to use Sage lol

Bloody Sage. I don't use it but i've had to sort out issues for the accountant on numerous occasions.
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