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do u need smart tv for ps4 ?

Posted 24th Sep 2013
Hi my sons having a ps4 and im wanting to get a new tv for christmas, do i need a smart tv or just a normal tv ? Lookin atleast 39" thanks
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No you do not need a smart TV. In fact, you'd be better off not getting a smart TV because most of the "smart" functions will be replicated with the PS4 in any case.

1080p would probably be an advantage though to maximise the benefits graphics wise of the ps4

Maybe this one? £209 with code
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If its a new tv, you may as well go smart. Not needed but why not? save having to boot up the ps4.
smart tv's introduce lag for gaming, not needed, any tv that adds extra processing induces high responce times.
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If you got a samsung tv u can root it but no u dont need one for sure
You don't need a smart TV. But you do need a TV with HDMI ports.
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