Do u think this trade is worth it?

    a white psp boxed firmware 1.5 with headphones and three games. rush, pursuit force and fifa 06 for a n70 boxed (average conditon), a 6230/6230i not sure which one an ipod mini 4gb quite battered and a bricked black psp mint.


    How confident are you about bringing the black brick back to life?

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    thoguh the psp has no battery or memory stick but is mint. Please reply with comments plz.

    it depends how the psp was bricked i think...worst case no recovery or expensive sending off to someone to fiddle with the flash memory

    i think its pretty fair really...tho the psp will probably only be used for parts....the screen, and other bits and bobs.

    Not worth paying through the nose for a 1.5 PSP.

    I got a broken 2.8 version, fixed it for £27, then upgraded it, downgraded it back to 1.5, then back up the hacked version of 3.x

    ps - 1st time I did this, it took about 30 mins, now about 5mins (done 3 so far)

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    How confident are you about bringing the black brick back to life?

    well some guy on ebay fixes bricked psps for £33. anyway i just bought 2 games for £20 for my psp and they should be coming soon so i will try my best. If not ill just sell it to someone who can. Well he told me his psp was updating and he accidentally pulled out the charger and his psp got bricked. Is this easy to fix?

    You can fix any PSP that's had a bad flash with the Undiluted Platinum chip. :thumbsup:

    That's a great deal. You would be a ****** **** not to take that up.

    I personally approve but see what the others say.

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    thanks for your advice
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