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Do US xbox one game download keys work on UK Xbox One accounts?

Posted 10th Nov 2014
I know there was some horror story headlines about this but ive read reports that those who did have problems have regained access. AC Unity is very cheap on fleabay and i'd like to buy a US code if I know if it will work. I am well aware of the public policies and the headlines but would love to hear from someone with experience?
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Also, if this works then I wonder if I would be able to play AC Unity early?
Yup I bought sunset overdrive and usa only DLC's for some games, all aok
Great thanks for your help!
Let me know if you bought usa digital games and u were able to download and play it on UK console
I bought a code for AC Unity off fleabay. It worked fine and awaiting the game being unlocked on 14/11.
yeah you can play us games on a uk account it just unlocks early/late dependig on the uk release for example I had to wait untill atleast 5.01am to play halo last night but I can play ac unity now instead of Friday
weird. I pre-ordered Halo on the marketplace and it unlocked just after midnight. I bought a US download code for AC. Redeemed it on my UK X1 (and UK account) and it unlocks on 14/11/14
I bought it on the UK and changed my region to us, someone told me you have to delete the game and redownload it through the US store, as downloading it in the uk region locks it until the regions release date, you don't have to buy it again just download it with your region set as us
Just be careful if anyone decides to change their region to purchase games cheaper, it's against the Microsoft TOS and if your caught will probably lead to gamertag/console ban.
Would u still b able to share the download with a different profile using home xbox?
As the person who started this thread, I am happy to say that in the case of AC Unity, a US code worked as normal on my bog standard UK account!
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