Do Virgin Media loyalty discounts renew?

When trying to get a reduction due to price increases I was told I already have an £11 loyalty discount applied that ends at the end of March. Does anyone know from past experience if I am likely to get the same discount if I call up when it is due to expire? Don't think I can justify paying full price!


I always call and negotiate a deal at the end of my expiring discounts. Been on deals with them for past 12+ years.

Currently paying £39.99 for 2 * Tivo boxes, SuperHub 2, XL TV, M Telephone and 60MB broadband. I paid my 12 month line rental in advance to get it down to this, otherwise it would have been £54.99 per month.

I believe they are for a limited time only and then go back to normal price. That's what BT does. Best thing is to call them at end of March and negotiate a better deal.

I just placed an order for BT infinity yesterday as it was cheaper. I was paying VM £26 a month for 30MB and could get upto 70MB with BT for £20 for 3 months then £25 afterwards and £100 sainsburys voucher.

I rang VM to cancel and explained my reasons why and they offered me a new superhub and 60MB BB for 20 for 6 months then £25 afterwards on a 12 month contract.

I know not the best deal but I'm happy with it.

Always worth checking.


Hi Steph Been with Virgin/ ntl 10 years, wouldn't even give me a retention deal. I have canceled and got a cracking deal from sky.
Virgin staff are thick, they say I have an £18 loyalty discount and in February my bill would have been with my discount £64 however as a new customer for the same package I would pay £66, although I didn't get a GCSE in maths but that's a £2 discount to me, however virgin say my discount is based on an old price. Total idiots, and have lost a customer, my neighbour is also leaving them for the same reason.
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If only we weren't so far from the exchange...
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