Do Wickes offer OAP or Home Movers discounts?

Found 30th Aug 2009
IIRC Focus DIY have 10% off for recent home movers and i know B&Q do 10% off for OAPs, but do Wickes offer anything like it?

We've just bought a house and we need to buy a new worktop for the new kitchen that has just been put in, unfortunately only Wickes sell it!!

We only need 180cm and they only sell 3m, 10% off would soften the blow a bit!

Thanks in advance
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Ok, cool thanks
Your best off opening an account with wickes, if you've seen what you want

basically you get 15% off your purchase if you pay with the card they provide you with (storecard)

if you have the money, when it comes through on the bill....pay it off
15% off your first online order use code cat09.Has been posted before enter wickes in searcn box and scroll down
Thanks, for both points
Quidco is now 6% at Wickes, free delivery over £50

Sorry, should have said that you can't get quidco if already using a discount code
Even better, potentially 21% ish off then!

Just looked and the worktop is instore only

Still, have a few bits to get as well so this will bring it down a bit

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