Do you

    ever click on…ogo HERE?

    What is The Hunger Site?
    The Hunger Site is an online activism site that offers simple ways to help in the fight against the silent killers of hunger and food insecurity.

    Clicking is Free
    In just a few seconds each day, visitors can click on the yellow "Help Feed The Hungry" button on the home page and, at no cost to them, help feed the hungry worldwide. Cups of food are paid for by The Hunger Sites sponsors and distributed by Mercy Corps worldwide and by Americas Second Harvest to food banks throughout the United States.

    100% of sponsor advertising fees goes to our charitable partners.

    The Hunger Site was founded on June 1, 1999. To date, more than 328 million visitors have clicked to give more than 25,000 metric tons of food (thats more than 447 million cups of food!) to the world's hungry via a simple and free daily click.

    Shopping Gives Even More
    The store offers a wide array of items to show your support as well as fair-traded and handcrafted items from around the world that help families and communities pull themselves out of the poverty and hunger cycle.

    Together, your free daily click and your purchasing power through The Hunger Site store create a powerful, positive force for saving lives.

    How does the site work?
    When you click on the yellow "Help Feed The Hungry" button, your click is counted by our servers and you move to the Thank You page, where you will see small ads for our site sponsors. There is no charge to you; cups of food are fully paid for by these sponsors.


    No I never have up until now.

    And now I have it saved as one of my favourites - so thankyou for making me aware.

    Yup I do, has a list of 70 sites just like that one (with different causes) and I click most of them daily

    Rayman has it in his signature I think...

    I posted a link to the breat cancer section a month or so back (2nd tab in at the top if you want to give it a click :thumbsup: )

    Nice link :-D

    Actually insisted this link went on a gaming site I help out on so in game people can receive freebies for clicking the link.

    I have noticed it on Raymans Signature to you are right duckie :-D
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