Do you automatically get a v+ box now with virgin? Best package?

    Moving house and going to take a new package out as a new customer.

    What kind of box do they give to new customers on the lowest package?

    Find their bundles and deals quite confusing so any advice would be greatly appreciated



    Do you automatically get a v+ box now with virgin?

    No. It cost moe.

    Whatever you do. Go via quidco as loads of cashback!

    Try on the phone first and be prepared to haggle and say that you are also considering getting sky. Also make sure you have the sky prices infront of you to say that sky can do it cheaper etc etc. This is what my parent do but but they have been with cable for 19 years though so I am unsure if it will work for customers though.

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    Got a virgin mobile, but might need to take it out in the misses name as I think quidco is only for new customers?

    I just got virgin installed last week at home. The V+ box cost me £75 and I went throught Quidco and got £65 tracked and validated so far. Also try Topcashback as well, because the next day for 1 week Topcashback were offering £150, i think its back to £65 now though
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