Do you believe in free sites?

    Just wondering what people think about those freebie sites where you can stuff like iPods, games consoles, HDTVs and other gadgets free by completing offers and referring people.

    It's so easy to say "nothing is free" or "it's a scam" if you dont know much about it, but if you do a bit of research you'll see there are some legit sites and it does work (believe me, I know).

    By the way I'm not going to post a url, just google 'freepay' or 'giveaway', dont want to be accused of link spamming, dont spam yours either! : )


    I will be interested in what others have to say on this as I am often tempted to try one .. but as you say you don't get nothing for nothing & I always assume there will be a catch somewhere along the line ..

    I haven't yet met or heard of one person who's actually got the 'free gift'.

    In my view they're just a means of harvesting email addresses which they can then sell on to others.

    You always have to complete things like "sign up to 2 of these great offers" which although may not need money, they do need credit card details, which makes them more dodgy.
    And with some i have tried - the questionnaires are never ending, just stops at 70% there and asks more questions without moving along the line towards "finished"

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    There's a UK forum about these sites:


    Be sure to check the proof pic gallery!

    I've only every seen ones where you have to refer friends and when they complete the offers you get your free stuff. if you just completed these yourself through quidco etc. you'd easily be able to get buy free stuff yourself. one of the usual ones is sign up for a betting site and deposit 10 pounds, at betfair not long ago you got £50 for doing this.

    Abvance it seems you are about one hair shy of some kind of promotion here.

    We don't allow these sites on HUKD because they are against what this site is about. They only work by scamming the people below you. Not everyone can get a 'free' ps3 - only the ones at the top of the pyramid. It relies on taking advantage of people and screwing them over with false promises.

    The basic mathematic principle of a MLM or pyramid scheme is always the same (and no I don't care how it's dressed up). The ones on the top win and the ones on the bottom lose.

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    Seriously I'm not promoting anything! I'm not even posted any live links or anything, just want to know what people think, that's all. I agree with what you say though Admin, it is a pyramid but it's still possible to get 'free' stuff.

    I am one of those few who actually is the proud owner of a "free" ipod. I had to work for it tho, eventually taking freepay to the Better Business Bureau, before they'd do as was promised. I've also had paypal and some other free stuff from some of the smaller sites, (I never managed to complete offercentric tho with their "offers of doom") Getting greens is about as reliable as quidco except the site owners tend to want you to fail so will try any excuse to put your account on "hold". but the smaller companies are ok, I expect however that you'd make more money just doing these things through quidco most of the time since they don't take a percentage cut, tho as you say it is technically a pyriamid scheme. it doesn't fall apart because of lack of numbers at a certain level, but rather because some people, can't be bothered, forget, cheat, won't do the work. there are plenty of reasons why the system falls apart before you run out of people to refer.

    If you've never tried them then it won't hurt to have a closer look, going to places like exceem, you'll find people willing to buy your referral for paypal. around £10 a green is pretty standard. Make sure you research exactly what you want, what it's value is, what offers there are, how many referrals you need. and any additional rules, like problems with forefox, IP addresses, time limits etc. - the system generally is not good if you live at university for instance because of shared IP addresses.

    If there is a time limit then try and get a few friends to agree to sign up under you before you even start the process, thus giving you more time.

    It's a lot like the cash back phone deals, they're so great because 60% of people manage to screw it up somehow.

    If friends and family are reluctant then start with something small like $50 paypal or an ipod shuffle, buy the referrals, and when you get the item, use it as proof to recruit your friends. if you're honest with them going in then you're not conning anybody and a lot of people will say sign up for a lovefilm trial, just as a favor to you, without any real interest in the ipod etc. the fact that they can get some free movies is pretty enticing.

    I can certainly understand why a site like this would ban such things, people posting referral links everywhere is a damn nightmare, but if you're willing to play the game, then you can win. these things are by no means "free" tho, it takes work and determination. and they're payed for by advertisement revenues generated from yourself and those you refer, and especially from the people who get 75% through and then give up or get banned.

    Hope some of that was useful.

    Thanks for the write-up brufterman. I have zero doubt that people get their ipods. What I disagree with is how it works.

    The system is set-up to make you (general term) fail. The very basis of the scheme is that 90% have to fail for 10% to win. Otherwise there is no money for the 10%. It is not even a matter of people being lazy like cashback phone schemes but rather that the system itself requires failure and logistically forces it. The pyramid needs and ever widening bottom of suckers to pull in to pay the ones on the top.

    I do not hold it against anyone who does this but I do not agree with it myself and don't think it has a place on HUKD. I think between you and your friends where they all understand what is going on is probably the ethical way to do it.
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