Do you buy an annual ticket to work?

    Do you get a monthly, weekly or annual ticket to work. For the last 5 years Ive been paying week to week and i didnt think Id say much money that way compared to stumping up for an annual gold card on national rail. When doing my sums earlier today and nearly had a heart attach and turns out ive been paying nearly £600 extra a year paying a weekly instead of an annual!!! So angry that Ive been so stupid really!

    Ever happened to you?? Thats nearly £3000 I could have had in my pocket rather than TFLs


    how much is a annual compared to weekly?

    if you have that sort of money to give to National Fail, go for it

    can't believe you havn't looked into it sooner tbh, oh well least you will save now

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    well i paid £2016 for 12 months

    compared to a weekly £54.50 for 12 months = £2834

    saving = £818

    even more annoyed with myself if i got my ticket yesterday could have saved another £112

    Why doesnt everyone get annuals or do they?

    I used to pay yearly on the train between an outer Sheffield station and Leeds.

    My work give you a cheque the full amount then take it from your wages over 10 months (interest free).

    That was until I realised that for £1916 (It's now £2028) I could run and maintain a car for the same money, and shave 2 hours off the journey time (1.5-2 hours each way, now 45 mins).

    i was paying £17 for a weekly bus pass. weekly seemed the best option as i wouldnt use it while on weeks off or when one ran out i may not need a new one for a day or two.

    but about 7 months ago i decided to start cycling to work & loved it! saving money, losing weight & am usually quicker than the buses!
    i'm just gutted because i've not been able to cycle due to the snow for the last 6 weeks! but it's back in the saddle tomorrow morning!
    this is saving me atleast £600 a year!

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    thats what i thought, i only wanted a weekly because i didnt want to pay while i was on holiday or when i didnt need to travel into london, thinking itd be the cheaper option...oh how wrong i was!!

    I just cannot believe all these years ive been paying £600 ontop of what i needed to for no reason for a crap service.

    I am gutted lol

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