Do you buy stuff just because it's cheap?

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Found 23rd Apr 2007
ie. ya don't need it, it's just cheap!
If so, why would you buy something you don't want or need just because it's cheap?

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yes that is me.... it is an affliction

I should be banned from ebay etc.

oh yes...

Yes .

...and then usually sell it on ebay (for more

wow kermot wish you could tell me how you do that!

I normally buy something, then lose money when i sell it:giggle:

Yeah that me all over. Managed to buy a brand new 3 man rubber boat for £7.50 lol.

It depends on how cheap something is, and how expensive it looks.

If something looks expensive but is cheap then I will buy it as a gift for someone, even if I dont have anyone in mind at the time.

I wouldnt just buy something because it was cheap though

Nope, I don't buy anything for the sake of it.

I'm keeping an eye out for stuff that interests me (xbox 360 stuff) and also things for gifts.

I haven't bought anything apart from the Xbox 360 core from, I somehow managed to miss the brilliant xbox 360 game deals!

only if i actually want it.

If its a gadget as well, then there's no contest

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wow kermot wish you could tell me how you do that!I normally buy … wow kermot wish you could tell me how you do that!I normally buy something, then lose money when i sell it:giggle:

Yeah, i've had that problem in the past. Buy a £100 item for £50, try to sell on eBay for £75, and it won't sell. Even if that said item is now back up to £100. Go figure?
It's as if they still want it cheaper than the special offer price, even if that price is no longer available :?
Either that, or the buyer somehow figures that it ain't on for the seller to be trying to make a crust, and wants it at cost price or not at all. I hate that.
If I have a need for something, i'll buy it. However small the need, within reason. But not just because it's cheap.
I wouldn't buy an Easter tree for £2, for example, just because it's only £2 :-D

If it is something I want (not need) and it is a bargain.
But not cheap, nasty .....

Yes - bought my third watch of the year today!!!! That takes my collection to over 7!!!! There was a great deal on at eBuyer lol!

The Chick doesn't know yet but when she finds out, I am in trouble.

TBH though, it is usually stuff that I / we need, rather than things that we could never use.

I love this site - I have saved sooooo much money it is unreal!

Thanks everyone!


I buy because I want it. I'm a very cautious that I won't buy stuff that will fall in price in the next month, hence look in here :thumbsup:

I may also be interested in freebies and stuff that are such a bargain, I'll buy anyway!

My weakness is that I also buy it if it's expensive...gone absolutely bonkers since google checkout...must put the brakes on.

I have done a few times but generally I can contain myself.


If it's for me or hubby, I tend not to, but if it's something cute or fun for one of the babies then I can't help myself!

They are absolutely spoiled rotten. :giggle:

Generally on the whole I am not too bad, but have I admit at times fallen prey to things I wouldn't normally consider buying - doing so because 'it was too good a bargain to leave there!' :whistling:

some bargains on here are too good too miss and make great pressies .
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