Do you get charged for visiting tesco direct?

    Found sum random number's on the phone bill, phoned up bt and they told me i was being charged for visiting theyre site?!.



    how can you get charged for visiting a website? Doesnt make sense at all.

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    That's what i was thinking!, what shall i do?.

    badger badger badger snakkkkkkkkkkkkke ohhhhhhhhh its a snake

    i dont understand it myself best bet is to contact tesco directly(no pun intended) and get a straight answer, you got charged a phone bill for a internet access? is your internet a monthly charge or do they charge you for using it as well, are you sure you wasnt using the phone instead of your pc this is the only answer i can think of

    I'd call BT back again and ask someone else. You probably just got someone that didn't know what they were really talking about ;-)

    Maybe also do a 141 to hide your number and call the number to see if anyone picks up, cause if it's answered then it can't be an internet number, can it? Well, I don't think so anyway :?

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    AOL monthly broadband, phoned up the numbers but they just rang out.

    Have you tried punching the numbers in Google to see if any results are returned?
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