Do you get Quidco if you spend with HMV online gift vouchers

    Hi, I was wondering I have £33 (approx) of HMV gift vouchers, if I buy something from HMV for £35 of course via Quidco will I get Quidco on the whole amount (£35) of just the amount I paid via bank card (ie £2)

    I have previously bought items wholly with HMV gift vouchers & Quidco tracks for that at the full amount (I don't know if I pay it, but it's been tracked)

    But I have never paid part by gift voucher & part by bank card. So i wanted to know if Quidco tracks for the full amount & if it doesn't i will buy a HMV £5 gift voucher, so it tracks for the full amount.

    I hope that makes sense, thank-you


    Yes, you should still get Quidco even with mixed payment types

    When I used my HMV vouchers from last year's O2 promotion they tracked but did not get paid ( on all 4 occassions) - but it may well be these vouchers had some special designation.

    You won't get paid for the part that includes the use of vouchers. I never have.

    I have used hmv and paid part e voucher and part cash and received full I don't see why you should not:)
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