Do you have a lot of junk in your home?

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Found 28th Sep 2007
Due to these deals sites etc?

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Got a bluetooth headset on the way from, do I actually need it?.......nope.....will I actually use it?.......nope.........was it cheap and a hard to resist bargain........yes....

Will probably give it as a present!

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Fear not, you're helping the economy ;-)

I do, mostly as I order stuff for myself & close/extended family and I get the leftovers/hand me downs/broken items etc

Tend to pop down to the local recycling/refuse centre every 3months to get rid of all the packaging rubbish from said purchases.

Semi decent classified site:

Sure do.I buy cos its a good price at times when I prob could have done without.I always had a lot of stuff for the past 10 yrs or so,I live in 1 of those houses that you can't walk for a meter without having to step over something.We live in bliss in here,however my Mum says it does her head in when she comes round and how can I live like this.
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