Do you have to get married at your local registry office?

    i dont like the look of my local one lol


    dont think so thats only churches i think!!

    you can have a civil service at a lot of hotels these days, and often makes for a nicer atmosphere.
    Information available here…es/

    you can get married in any registery office you want coz my mum lives in north east and her b/f is from southport so they were going to get married there and got all the info and paid deposit but they changed their minds to up here again! so answer is no :thumbsup:

    you can get married anywhere you want, even your back garden if you want.

    you can now get married at the top of blackpool tower

    you can get married in any licenced place - so long as they have you.

    with the churches, the more popular churches will have stricter rules, just because they can

    You can get married wherever you please, but you must have a registrar present to make sure all the right words are said. I have officiated for five marriages, and three of them needed a registrar present.

    you dont have to get married

    I live in Birmingham and got married in Solihull - so no, you don't have to got to your local registry office.

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    thanx for ur help :thumbsup:

    Just for information you can now get married at any church too providing you can prove a connection ie parents were married there etc.

    i dont like the look of mine either, too many busy bodies around ... lol
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