Do you have to return the BT Hub?

Found 11th Jun 2013
Have just had a replacement home hub 3 - I know they say to return it, but has anyone ever actually bothered? Could do with a spare!
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I have three from the past (Hub2), so no you don't.
No. Just got the home hub 4 yesterday, and it is better. Spoke to an operator and asked if I needed to return my old hub and she said no, keep it as a spare just incase anything does go wrong. BT will take your old hub for recycling and provide packaging and post label to do so. But it's up to you.
@hellsangle did you buy the homehub 4 or did you get it as a replacement?
Don't talk to me about BT and their HUB 3, I have been sent Model A, Model B and Model A turned up today, none are fit for purpose, this Model A started smoking while I was on the phone to them and called me a liar!

Is the 4 any better?

I have three from the past (Hub2), so no you don't.

Mine was a replacement though - they say you could be charged if you don't return it?
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