Do you have to take every electric item out at airport security to be scanned ?

    Such as electric shavers, cameras etc . I can not remember ..



    From my experience you do, but only from hand luggage, so you could stash bits in the hold luggage if you're taking any.

    Edit: Took a nose around some sites and whilst it does differ slightly from place to place most do just stipulate that laptops, tablets, phones and other simlarly sized "large" electricals need to be scanned separately, but they generally don't say either way about smaller things so they likely do it on a case by case basis: you could take the smaller bits out to be sure or just leave them and see if they complain.
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    As already mentioned, only in hand luggage.I have left electrical items in the hand luggage before and It had to be re scanned then inspected so if you can take it out it will save time.

    Whenever I go through I just take out, laptop, tablet and kindle (this is all they ask you to remove anyway, and of course liquids). Wouldn't take out anything else and haven't been stopped. One thing which can help is to put cables in various points in the luggage rather than all together.

    Laptops, tablets, kindles, phones etc should all be out of hand luggage and go through separate. If you put electrical items in hold luggage then your case may get opened.
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    if not in hand luggage I don't think they do they don't say anything about it other than odd shaped and soft suitcases need go in a separate area to be scanned.

    I've never had to take out an electric shaver, camera or anything like that. Just laptops and laptop-shaped items (tablet, kindle etc).
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