Posted 21st Jan 2023 (Posted 7 h, 19 m ago)
Had a “heated” exchange this morning with my daughter, over ironing of all things. She says it’s perfectly acceptable not to iron…anything.

I absolutely refuse to agree. Don’t get me wrong , if I don’t have to I will not iron , I do not iron bedding , underwear , pjs, hankies, stuff you don’t see.

Is it an age thing? She’s a Generation Z student . So today I’m not ironing any of her clothes and some are super creased . Let’s see how this ends.
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    I iron my socks and Y fronts
    Whilst you're wearing them ?
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    No. I used to but not any more, the only exception being if I needed shirt for a funeral etc. It seems to be an old person thing to actually iron clothes.
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    What is an Iron?
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    Ironed clothes is a matter of personal choice....BUT.....being an " oldie " it surely should be just a simple case of " Personal Pride ", but along with maners and morals they don't seem to count for much these days..
    This. Its the lack of pride and care people generally have for anything or anyone nowadays.
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    NO WAY would I stand in the kitchen for hours doing the ironing.
    (I can't be good in every room in the house!)
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    Definitely don't iron. Get the clothes hung up and the creases drop out. Perfect.
    Is that actually real? My OH irons most things.
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    Oh no, creased clothes! What next? The bin being slightly overfilled?! Giving them brown bread instead of white for toast?!
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    It sounds like you enjoy it, so you do you.

    Me? waste of time, life is too short to worry about it.
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    Life’s to short to spend time ironing! If you hang stuff up to dry properly I don’t see the need to iron!
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    i don't iron my clothes unless it is office wear. only thing that gets ironed are my husband's trousers. i stayed with my mum's friend for a few months when i was a teenager and she ironed pretty much everything. i was really shocked when i saw her ironing my socks and knickers what is really the point in that?
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    It is a generational thing I think. Formal clothes and uniforms, are far less worn than they were 40 years ago, it starts with the casual school uniform with no shirt or tie. Then add in the almost single use attitude to clothes from places like Primark. On the plus side, many modern fabrics really just need smoothing by hand and folding, to be reasonably smart. Years ago I used to work in the far east and all clothes went to the laundry and came back ironed, strarched and folded in tissue paper. Even your socks!
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    No, that's what the tumble dryer is for.
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    Creased clothes gives me the fear especially on my teenage son as it speaks volumes that would say to people…he has a lazy mum who can’t be assed to iron his clothes for school etc! Like yourself I don’t bother ironing bedding…underwear etc and something that can be worn without ironing is a plus but anything that does need ironed gets ironed in my household on a daily basis…I’m not one of these people who like to iron a weeks worth etc only as I go along!
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    I iron, Wednesday night is ironing night , my wife hates it so it’s just me doing for household.
    - cloths only
    - anything else which needs ironing.
    - no socks/inner wears or anything which is not visible wear.

    I also try to reduce bedding ironing load by drying in way it creates less or no crease.

    It’s force of habit or maybe what I learned from mum/dad

    TBH, I don’t know anyone among friends or family who irons, can’t tell you how many times I have been mocked. (edited)
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    So you only iron items that others see, so really it's keeping up appearances?

    I don't own a tumble dryer so most things don't need ironing.
    Iron school polo's and work shirts as all cotton so crease more.

    Also if your daughter is old enough to argue about her ironing, she is old enough to iron herself.

    yeah, can't see why the OP is ironing her clothes. although i never did iron my own clothes, lol
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    I used to iron everything but hate doing it.... Was used to it from mum doing it all for me...... But, got used to washing and then hanging everything up and realising that after something has been worn for 5 / 10 mins and you've sat / walked / had a jacket over the top etc. It all then looks the same. So now I've not used the iron for about 3 years
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    This creases me up 
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    I can’t because I’m left handed and we don’t have a left handed ironing board.
    You’d be amazed how many people believe me when I say that.
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    My son (23) and his girlfriend (25) don't own an iron. I on the other hand do iron most things, including bedding.

    When he comes home, if it's for a few days, he doesn't object to me ironing his clothes.
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    I iron. Not bedding, pjs or undies though. It is a chore that I don’t enjoy. Like you said it might be a generation thing, I know some of my younger colleagues have said that they don’t iron a thing.
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    I don’t iron regularly and I’m definitely middle aged. My friend always has an ironing pile to work through but other than shirts and trousers for work and school on a Sunday night there’s nothing else that gets done and shirts don’t get done if under jumpers in winter either. My friend doesn’t understand me not ironing but also says she’s never noticed that any of our clothes need ironing so maybe it’s the clothes we choose? I will iron a blouse or dress of mine if it needs it but that’s rare (edited)
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    I iron everything. I work outside a lot and end up filthy most days but that doesn't deter me from doing it.
    My wife who's a pharmacist, same age as me refuses to iron a thing. I iron the kids clothes, she doesn't.
    She hates the person that woke up one morning and decided it should be the norm to iron clothes.

    I'm ex-army so think I'm still influenced by this. I don't enjoy it, hate it in fact.
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    Always buy non iron shirts for work and hang my trousers up after wash.
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    I don’t iron anything, its the worst chore in the house. And i’m ‘old-ish’. I just make sure to hang the clothes on the maiden in a way that stops them from creasing. The rest goes in the dryer.
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    I hardly ever need to iron anything. I wash, hang neatly, then fold neatly Done!
    On rare occasion I may need to iron a shirt that looks creasy
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    School uniforms get ironed, When I used to wear shirts and trousers for work they would get ironed, but unless we are going anywhere for a special occasion nothing else is.
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    I don’t iron. Trying to buy things that don’t require ironing. My kids are in teens years and never complained. It’s just waste of time
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    I very rarely iron, genuinely think it's a total waste of time! I don't like the look of creased clothes so when I'm drying things on the airer I take care to hang them neatly and never really have anything that comes off the airer looking creased. If something did look creased, I'd begrudgingly iron it, but I haven't needed to do that in literally years as my partner no longer has to wear shirts for work - they were the only things that ever really used to need an iron!
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    Iron-man or Fe-male? Sorry I had to use that joke - when else would I get the oppertunity?
    Iron man is a superhero. Iron woman is a command.
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    I only iron formal wear because as someone else pointed out, with everything else, once you've worn it 10 minutes it looks the same as if you didn't bother.
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    When I used to work in an office in a 3 piece suit (yuk!), yes I couldn't show up without everything pressed or ironed. Since I now WFH the iron has collect dust. I have no occasion to wear anything iron. The only time I needed a less than wrinkled shirt was attending funerals - I just bought a new shirt for that and it came pre-pressed/ironed.
    I guess it it a generational thing - it seems much more acceptable to be more grungy and most businesses operate a "casual dress" policy now - funny the kids are watching the Apprentice ATM and the apprentices are all wearing suits! - yet the people they are pitching to are in jeans and a t-shirt!
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    Nope. This ironing thing was retired with the defective iron some years ago. Life is too short. None of our clothing is ever wrinkled unless left screwed up somewhere. Fold/hang it properly always - and ditch the iron. (edited)
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    I have some time set aside alternate Sunday mornings for ironing. Usually formal stuff that I wear to work; most of it is officially "non iron" but a quick touch does help.
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    I only iron shirts! I like ironing though, usually do it while watching the NFL
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    I don't iron unless it has got creased somewhere along the way. 90% of it doesn't need ironing if tumbled or hung properly.

    I will iron shirts or sometimes a t-shirt if it managed to get creased in the wardrobe.
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    Not ironed for many a year
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