Do you know a good PC repair technician in Brighton/Hove?

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Found 21st Nov 2008
I urgently need some help fixing my laptop. Got a blue screen of death on Vista when I woke up today.

Laptop works fine, has virus scanners and firewall and everything. But now I can't even boot into safemode, still freezes with an error about iaNvStor.sys.

Tried to even remove memory, debug mode, and vista CD that came with doesn't elt me go into repair, only to wipe partition and fresh install. Annoying!

Was wondering if anyone might know someone who can fix in Brighton area today without extortionate prices. Cheapest I found on gumtree was around £40 an hour without guarantee! Need to fix this as I have some urgent work to do... preferably can find someone good today..


If I was a bit nearer I'd help you out but I'm in Portsmouth. Recommend you (as you seem to be fairly good) download memtest86 from memtest.org/dow…zip to test the memory (or if you have more than one DIMM remove one then the other) - If that's fine then it's more than likely a Windows problem and something like Hiren's CD or UBCD should be able to sort (if it isn't a HDD fault)

Try renaming iaNvStor.sys to something else and see what happens. Also try selecting safe settings in bios.

Nah, dont mess with BIOS settings yet as they were obviously fine before. Does the error give the same file every time? (iaNvStor.sys) ?

I take it you can get the command prompt up or boot from a CD ?

If you can boot from the Windows CD then it sounds more like your windows installation has got corrupted.

Are there many important files on your laptop? If not, i would be tempted to re-format and start from scratch.


Look in the bios for something like Robson/Turbo Memory and disable it.

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thanks for all the advice. Yes it's the iaNvStor.sys error every time. When it froze this AM It had a msg about IRQ or less or something.

The Vista CD only lets me wipe the HDD. I do have some files on it that I would like to keep - (I also have all my emails in Thunderbird, all my photos, some account info etc). It's prob not the end of the world, but I would like to at least gain access to copy the files to an external HDD if this is the onl yway forwards.

I do backup alot to external but don't have a ghost of the HDD. I don't mind if I can get access into the HDD to just copy all the essentials and then reformat all from scratch. But right now I can't even get into safe mode..

I did read about the link to 'Turbo Memory' from Google. I can't find the option in the BIOs though.

Also - I should mention that if anyone helps me fix this remotely, I'll send £10 via paypal as a bonus thank you!

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i suppose the other option is to downgrade to XP. Vista sucks anyway. I wonder if I can do that now if I have an XP CD. I have a genuiine code for vista btw. Want to do this without wiping any of my important files if possible!

Did you try just renaming iaNvStor.sys. You can always change it back again.

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giles just saw ur msg - I got a UBCD actaully so I'll try that. thanks! next step is to get rid of thebloody Vista. Maybe ti's a sign to swap to a Macbook!

if you have a vista cd or can get hold of one. you can boot from thet and choose recovery console when prompted. then type ren c:\windows\drivers\ianvstor.sys ianvstor.old and try booting normally. if this works its a simple case of re-installing the driver

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yeah i need a vista CD/DVD. Guy on gumtree selling copies wants £50!!

..well if you had access toa dvd writer tou could burn yourself a 120 day evaluation version from ms!! that would be good enough to get to recovery console!

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yeah unfortunately DVDR only in computer affected. i'm borrowing a PC now to type and it's got jack all. I am in UBCD menu now - not sure what tool to use tbh!! but will play around. anyone know? thanks for the advice.

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i'm running mem test now...

Does your laptop have a fingerprint reader?

you tried a system restore

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no finger print reader, no. can't do system restore. i can't get past the boot screens to boot up.
maybe all i need is a tool in UBCD to rename the file as prev suggested.

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memory test is 76% past, 78% complete, and still no errors...

Make a boot disk, details at [url]www.bootdisk.com[/url], and use DOS commands to rename iaNvStor.sys
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