Do you know how to find the company behind the phone number?

    I received couple of miscalls from 0871 9511471 on my mobile. They only allowed the phone ring a couple of times before hanging up so I didn't get a chance to answer it.
    I google'd the number and found couple of other people received miscalls from the same number.
    Is there any way that I could find the company behind the number without calling their number?


    Had a look on but no luck.

    this is part of a scam ie look at the last 4 digits they want you to ring and probably be kept waiting whilst paying £2.50 p/m

    i see you have tried using whocallsme with outluck mas. Maybe its ET calling you...LOL

    Don't answer it........they will get fed up eventually.

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    Maybe its ET calling you...LOL

    I am not ready to go home yet:)
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