Do you know this restaurant in sunny beach bulgaria???

Found 26th May 2008
Hi can anybody help me find a restaurant in sunny beach bulgaria. We wnet around 2 years ago and are due back in 3 weeks and I really want to go as it was amazing.
I cant remember the name all I can remember is it was a taxi ride form sunny beach and it was in a little village/resort just outside of sunny beach.
The restaurant itself is very small and is family run ( I think ) and traditional but the one thing that would make you remeber is that they serve these flaming meat skewers at which point everybody claps and loud music is played when they are served, theres lots of clapping and singing throughout the meal, and thats all I can remember sorry.
If anybody can help me out I would be very very happy.
thanks in advance.
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try asking on holiday truths bulgaria forum aswell.. they'll probably know it ;-)
Ooooh thanks will try that, I've been googling for ages but to no avail. cheers.
whats bulgaria really like as a holiday destination? my friend is off there soon but i dont know of anyone that has been,hope you dont mind me asking
went on my first ever "lads" holiday last year, and cant say i overly enjoyed it. 1/2 of my mates were robbed and there were guys going around the streets dressed as police when they clearly werent. Not a very safe place imo. One other comment on the experience of most of the ppl living there is that they didnt particularly like the fact that it has become a holiday destination.......quite ironic really seeing as this country is only becoming developed because of all of the money gained from the area being a tourist destination....mrspodington obviously has a different opinion on Bulgaria, im guessing it wud b alot more positive!...let us know how u get on! will b interested to see if u approve of the major changes completed within 2 years!
Lol acecatcher3 yes I have a very different opinion of bulgaria as a holiday destination. I must admit we never had any problem with violence and at no point were we made to feel unsafe, but we go as a family with 2 children so maybe thats why. There isnt a huge amount to do in sunny beach but that suits us just fine as we go to relax. I must agree with acecatcher3 some of the locals are a little off and I do think its due to the disruption from the tourists but there are also many locals who are quite happy to have you there. Sunny beach is mafia run and they are very easy to spot ( the cars they use are stunning ) but as long as you stick to some basic rules ( only exchange money at banks or hotels, dont sell anything in the street when asked etc )they keep themselves to themselves. As with all holiday destinations what is one persons ideal holiday can be another persons holiday from hell and I'm a big believer in trying anywhere once and making my own opinion. Give it a go.
Stayed at Golden Sands resort last year and loved it!

This resort is also Mafia run - they had a private suite on the top floor of our hotel!

Went as a family and didn't feel threatened at all, although there are hundreds of 'ladies of the night' hanging around outside the restaurants/clubs, one even approached my husband when he was carrying our 5 year daughter on his shoulders!

That said, Bulgaria is excellent value for money and we would definitely return.
I'll ask my cousin later, his wife is from Bulgaria so they go over there a lot.

As for whether or not its a good place to holiday, that all depends on whereabouts you go and what you expect, there are good and bad parts as with anywhere. They have a great time over there (although all of her family is still over there so they are staying with family). They got married in Bulgaria and all of the family who went over with them enjoyed themselves and would go back
Was the restaurant you are thinking of in Nessebar?
hi christmasshopper no it wasnt in nessebur it was out the oposite way of sunny beach,
lol im afraid i went with acecatcher3 last year and with 7 other mates, a lot of it run by mafia. u see a lot of rubbish cars and then randomly some nice mercs and we saw a couple of ferrari f430's kinda semi drag racing down one of the main roads. stories of people going to the beach with prositutes and then men coming over and beating them up. tbh imo it wasnt very friendly
...sorry cant help you on your restaurant either, the ones we went to always seemed to undercook their chicken also...not good!
haha, ye the food wasnt great! chips ftw! i wudnt have classed the holiday as "hell" but on the first night when two of my mates were robbed, it definately meant that i cudnt fully relax as i didnt want anything happening again to them! i think that was my major issue with bulgaria, because of the fact that alot of areas are mafia run, it meant for me that i cudnt completely relax, like u cud maybe in a place like spain. but yes it is great value for money there i doubt we will ever have a cheaper holiday!
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