Do you know what brand these jeans are?

    Hi there

    Hoping someone may shed some light on this. My sister from NZ has sent an email asking if I know what brand of jeans these are.
    I have no idea , wondering if anyone does?


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    Chinese jin

    sorry i mean jean

    They look like Archaic.

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    Thank you, will have a look up. Cheers


    Try … Try here:


    Chinese jin

    chinese jini?

    I think they are Henley's


    can she not read the label?

    Try google goggles? Or as above - look for labels?

    I think the brown patch says Emily on it

    I take it she's wanting to know if this ad is legit…htm

    I've never heard of "new london " jeans but then I am the least fashionable person I know. have a couple of mens pairs…635

    As you can see though, they're just over £20 so RRP on add seems a tad exagerated.

    They might be Emily Strange, I seem to remember my daughter having some.

    They are a very similar style to Heaven Sent jeans here:

    heaven sent jeans

    I wouldn't know Kizah. As soon as I see any detail or graphic on the back of a pair of jeans I walk in the opposite direction (think Evisu).

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    Thank you for all your suggestions - appreciated. I will just direct her to this thread and she can look for them. Cheers!
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