Do you live in Nottingham? Energy experiment tonight. Take part.

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    BBC Radio Nottingham's breakfast show presenter, Andy Whittaker, is on a mission to encourage the station's listeners to join in the "Energy Experiment" from 9.00pm on Wednesday 18 February, through to 6.00am the following morning.

    The idea is to measure how much electricity Nottinghamshire can save over the course of one night – with the results being recorded and released on Andy's breakfast show sometime in March.

    In order to take part, listeners are asked to avoid using anything electrical between 9.00pm on Wednesday 18 February 2009 and 6.00am on Thursday 19 February, switching off appliances at the plug and turning off any non-essential lights.

    Of course, there may be some appliances, such as kettles or heaters, which people still need to use occasionally in that time but Radio Nottingham is asking listeners to make an extra effort not to switch them on for the first hour, between 9.00pm and 10.00pm.

    The plan is not to have people sitting at home in the dark but to make a conscious effort not to use anything electrical which is unnecessary.

    Central Networks, who provide the infrastructure for the provision of electricity to the region, have offered to monitor the results of the energy experiment and will report back in March on the difference the "Energy Experiment" made to the energy consumption of Nottinghamshire.


    Ha ha ha! Never going to happen

    Tin-pot radio station asks major city to switch everything off over night. Good luck with that. I imagine 4 people may take part if they are lucky
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