Do you need a hard drive on an XBOX 360?

    My brother's girlfriend is getting him an XBox for Christmas. It is the arcade version. I've got him an extra controller and a couple of games. Does he need a hard drive? If so, any good deals??


    he doesnt NEED the hard drive but after a while hes gunna want it as his mem unit will be full…e-/

    Or go to argos as they sell 20gb for about £40

    Or goto Microsoft (might struggle for crimbo) and get a 20GB for £20

    If he's gonna play online then yes, definatley, If not, then a 512mb or a 20gig HD from MS Site (check on here for link) is your best bet.

    you enter the serial number of the XBOX, and it tells you want you can have depending on what you have already got, in your case, you should be entitled to a 20gb HD for £20! :thumbsup:

    If he wants to play it on live then you need a hard drive i believe but if not i dont really see the point in getting one now would be better just waiting till his memory unit is full then decideing what one to buy.
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