do you need to go on the internet to access 3G data

    im looking to buy the LG viewty phone with 3G. and would also like the sky sports mobile package. it streams the data through 3G, but my question is do you need to access the mobile intenet to get this? because obviously this would cost me a lot extra.


    You only pay the tv subscription fee with most networks, i have it on my n80 for cricket and its quite good but useless for footie as resolution is only 176x144 and should be 240x320 and frame rate for football is not adequate - its mostly a blur and connectiin gets lost frequently , however you can see a goal in the replay ...ish :w00t:

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    so does that mean i dont have to connect to the internet?? i thought you did but not sure.

    Just the mobile tv homepage which is free - that us with voda and orange but be wary of the 'fair usage policy', but i use browsing bundles anyway and watch the cricket (alot at the mo)

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    i still dont understand.

    I think you do connect to the internet via GPRS - but the network don't charge for access to that specific port/server where the TV stream data is coming from (either by marking as 0p, or simply ignoring it and not counting the bytes sent/received)


    Whichever Mobile TV pack you choose, you’ll get the first month F … Whichever Mobile TV pack you choose, you’ll get the first month FREE.Variety Pack - £3 per monthSky News & Sports Pack - £5 per monthSky Entertainment Pack - £5 per monthMusic Pack - £5 per monthValue Pack - £10 per monthRacing UK - £5 per monthAfter the first month the price of the pack subscription will be billed to your pay monthly account or deducted from your pay as you talk credit. If you want to cancel your subscription to a pack, you can do this any time by going to My Account in the Vodafone live! menu on your phone.If you subscribe to a Mobile TV pack, it’s free to browse the Mobile TV pages in Vodafone live! If you haven’t subscribed to a Mobile TV pack, you’ll be charged to browse the Mobile TV pages at the standard Mobile Internet data rates.

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    the phone i want is on orange though. sorry for sounding dumb!

    pretty much same applies - i have sky sports on orange. - i suggest you get a free sim (£1 credit) and make use of the free trial to get a taster , ie; what credit is deducted


    There are no complicated call charges. Monthly subscriptions give you … There are no complicated call charges. Monthly subscriptions give you 1GB of usage, which translates to around 20 hours of continuous viewing.

    I can confirm however that Orange homepage is free as is the mobile tv page so you do only pay for mobile tv (hasnt stopped them pinching pennies mind ...).

    As for the 20 hours ive been watching it continously so ....;-)

    I recommend you use all data on a PAYG phone to avoid nasty suprise but ...…957

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    im on a contract but it doesnt say anywhere my allowance of data or whatever. and my choice of phone depends on this as i may go for the G600 if i have to pay through the nose for web usage!!
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