Do you pay extra for direct flights + better airline (arguably) ? Worth it?

Found 25th Apr 2009
I have a question that I've been weighing up in my head for 2 days and I've come to no conclusion at all. I am gonna fly to Orlando in the next couple of weeks - I'm totally flexible on times so its just a matter of getting the right deal. I don't travel much and apart from jumping out of one I haven't been on a plane since 2001.

So do you pay extra for direct flights?

My dilemma is; the cheapest I've seen for flights is about £280 with one stop in Newark flying with continental taking just under 14 hours inbound and same outbound. Or say Virgin Atlantic for £380 taking just under 9 hours and direct flight. So a mark up of about 35% for a saving of 5 hours each way. And like I say maybe virgin are a better airline.

What would you do?

so you know; this ain't a deal request, I've done my homework and barring any special offers this is the cheapest I've seen since I am spending a month or so over there.
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I'd definitely pay the extra, it not just about going on holiday, the thing for me is coming home, and the quicker i can get back the better!!
Virgin are a better Airline.

Go direct.
thanks for the advice guys - rep added. The more I think about the more I'd like to fly virgin. Plus my options a little better with them.
Defo in this senario go direct - theresnot a huge diff in price, if there was hundrens of £££s in the difference in cost then id be tinking if its worthwhile but for this uve defo got to go for the direct flight - much less hastle x
apparently thompson haave 33" seat pitch and they advertise - more than virgin, ba etc
they are also about £100 cheaper at the moment with charterflights
I booked to go on 10th May and it cost (including the luggage charge of £30 ech) £870 for 3 from Bristol to Sanford - dont really like Sanford but it seemed a good price.
I got back on April 7th - having flown with Virgin from Gatwick for just over £900 for 3, brilliant flight and into MCO(we had to fly from Gatwick, whereas Bristol is far easier for us) but that was with they March/April fares, I think they are about £400 each now
we went to orlando as well & went direct with virgin. it wouldve been about £50 each cheaper for indirect but it ment 2 planes, waiting for another 3 hours, maybe loose bags & getting to the hotel alot later. we went/will be going again at the same time, leave 10:30am & get there 3pm so you have an extra evening of your hols.

also as said before virgin are great! especially the variety of tv/music to watch. about 6 films, 4 tv channels & 5 misuc channes to get through! if you cant get your brain into gear then just put the world map on which tells you time, time in dest, time til dest, distance traveled/to go, speed (675MPH!!!) weather at destination & outside temp which is usually -37c!
here is the link…009
Sunday 17th May Bristol to Orlando - 21 nights £76 plus the luggage etc - comes to under £200 direct flight great price
I booked it I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited. I'll add rep to you all...

I called virgin about using my virgin card to get money off and they said you get extra miles - oh well, used it anyway and didn't see the extra miles appear on a club I more or less auto joined. I looked at some charters and it doesn't give me tweaks I need. I'm going from 11th May to 11th June so its a long break - I'm gonna travel using a combinations of hire cars and amtrak. I've never solo'd travelled before so this should be an experience.

I don't have a job right now so its the best time to go + plus the job centre want me to take a minimum wage job which I've refused. I don't need jobseekers really but the **** DWP put me through since my parents deaths it was pay back... At least I'll show as one of those who signs off within a month of signing on - good stats!
if i'm flying around europe then no i dont pay extra as i'm not on the plane long enough

here is the … here is the link 17th May Bristol to Orlando - 21 nights £76 plus the luggage etc - comes to under £200 direct flight great price

wow, that is pretty good - too late now though, oh well.
On of my most memorable times was when I went to the USA on my own - my friend let me down last minute and I went anyway, had nothing booked just went - I had a brilliant time and met loads of people, ended up staying in the redwood state park in a hippy commune - it was lovely
You will have a great time:thumbsup:
ohh how exciting, all booked - hope u have a fantastic time xx

I'm off to America on my own for a month aswell really soon.

Cool - where you heading?

I'm really excited. I've been working stuff out and there is far too much to do. I've gotta make sure that I don't lose track of time and miss the flights home. Well I could stay but I don't fancy explaining to american customs why I overstayed... Maybe I'll just marry an american girl :whistling:

Having been to Orlando on both direct and indirect flights before I'd … Having been to Orlando on both direct and indirect flights before I'd personally pay extra for the direct flight and like you said Virgin have a good rep.

Have to agree, though it would depend on the scale of the difference.

Our last US trip in 2007, we flew Delta with a stop in Atlanta. The flight even arrived there early, but the queue to get through Customs, meant we missed out connection. Despite being told at the time of booking "not to worry - you can just get on the next flight - they are hourly", all the flights were fully booked with waiting lists.

We were told - "you need to book a hotel for the night in Atlanta at your expense and come back tomorrow". Most people would have lost their rag at that, but luckily, I've watched those airline programs - and had a trump card to play. We had notified them we were travelling with an autistic child and told a porky, that his medication was packed in the suitcases and was needed. Even then, it took a lot of persiasion and pleading - and the image of the missus crying (on her birthday) with the two kids crying also, we got our way. That was at the expense of 4 passengers, who were now bumped.

So, yes, it can work out much cheaper, but you are taking a risk. The other negative, was the fact the trip from our house to hotel took us 24 hours. Something to bare in mind!

here is the … here is the link 17th May Bristol to Orlando - 21 nights £76 plus the luggage etc - comes to under £200 direct flight great price

Wow. Thats a great price! Just gutted we can only pick School holiday times to go - and those deals are never around then (for obvious reasons!)
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