Do you play FIFA or PES (strange if you do) Online...

    as below...

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    New Leagues will be starting soon on ][COLOR=#861e02][/COLOR], sign-up and start arranging games on the chat box with other players, then as soon as the leagues start you can get fully involved.

    We are setting up a clubs league if we get a good enough turnout - the feature has already set up we just need members to join up.

    We also have Rank Ups between our members, these are great fun and gain Ranking Points so you can strive to be the best on the site, with the added advantage that you aint playing against cheats or quitters like you meet in the Random Head2Head matches.

    Our system is fully automated too, whether it be League/Cup or Rank Ups, the home team posts the score through the easy to use menu option, then the away team conforms the score, this updates the table straight away and you can look to your next fixtures then and start arranging.

    Live Cups are starting soon too, these are completed in a single night, 1-2 hours usually, they are simple Knock Out games with the eventual winner getting a trophy on thir profile.

    we also hold 2 v 2 games if you're interested in joining someone on the site to partner or already have a partner


    Simply sign up using your XBOX / PSN Tag as your Username
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