do you recieve the free gifts with mobile contracts.?

    hi. wondering if ybody knows anything about this. my contract expiresthis month and looking to get a new one with a ps3.

    i talked to the vodafone sales guy and he said people dont usually recieve thier free gifts but got locked into contract. anybody gone for one of these deals and not recieved thier gift ?

    sorry about spelling .. damn touch screen keyboard.


    I signed up to a vodaphone contract for an xbox 360 which i still havent received

    surely if you havent received the xbox/ps3 in 28 days you can cancel the contract or get legal on them for breaking their deal?

    i have dont this twice now both times got the free gift

    I know people that have gotten PS3'svia contracts and received them.

    my wife got a free psp with her phone which she got before her phone.On the other hand a guy from work was meant to get a free wii but still has not recieved it after 6 months

    I know peeps that have got a ps3 for signing upto a 18mnth contract---not a bad deal but there are certainly better deals to be had if you forego the "freebie".
    good way to feel good about getting a ps3 though!!!!

    hi, I've just taken delivery of my IPod Nano and got my cashback cheque too this week, decided to go through Phones 4 U Online, as my husband has done his Cashback deal with them for the last year without any probs. Havn't had any probs with them, they even phoned last week to tell me that the IPod would be delivered the following day

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    thanx for the responses. looks like its worth it.

    i cant be botherd with cashback and i cant seem to save any money for a ps3 so i figure this is a good way to get it intrest free and at a heavy discount.

    the deal is £35 pcm for 12 months and i get 400mins 500 txt , a ps3 , a nokia 6300 and £70.

    I got a Wii when they were like gold dust at Christmas and an Xbox 360 arcade free with my contracts via Mobiles2yourdoor. Both were sent out to me by courier once I'd been connected for 28 days.

    The phones were a Samsung G600 (new in box) and a Motorolla K1, which didn't have the headset with it, and both were supposed to be reconditioned but were in brand new condition. My son wasn't worried about the missing headset.

    One contract also had 4 months free line rental, the other 6 months free line rental via cashback on vodaphone contracts at £40 a month for 500 mins and 500 texts.

    Hope this helps.

    carphone warehouse sent out our wii
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