Do you reckon i should leave negative feedback for an item on my ebay sayin:

Though you did nothing wrong, I am giving you this negative feedback to teach you that the universe is arbitrary and unfair.


thought only sellers can get negatives now

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Smeagol thought only sellers can get negatives now

No, the world is unfair naturally, you would be recklessly upsetting the balance.....could lead to global warming....melting ice cap....invasion of polar bears.....can't get near the bar on a saturday night in the town for don't want to have that on your concience surely.

so how can you both leave negative feedback for each other?





yeah i agree

lol im going to black mail you im giving you bad feedback if you dont ad an extra memory card to that camera

If you are the seller you cannot leave negative feedback


other way round, buyers have the power


lol it doesn't all fit in the feedback bit anyway.

Pretty much sums you up dean.

I'm gonna upset the balance of the universe....

...and gonna leave myself negative feedback.

two negatives equal a positive dont they?
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