Do you reckon iPhone 3Gs will get a price cut?

iPhone 3GS seems a rip off atm. I mean, the iTouch 32GB starts at just £230 new - apart from the camera and phone dialler, they are practically the same. Why would anyone pay £314 premium for a iphone 32GB then?

Especially considering the profit margin on the latter, is almost 60%:…ote



It's quite simple. It's to encourage people to take out contracts with O2.

If the PAYG was much cheaper it would take sales from contract phones.

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Now that T-mobile and Orange are merging, maybe we'll get another iphone network into the game. Finally.

pratically the same other then phone dialer and camera?
well the former being a huge all the extra technology that goes into them, bluetooth, radio (phone dialer), the camera, probably faster processor, more memory....

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The new iTouch 32 and 64 GB uses 600mhz Cortex A8 core, along wiht 256 mb of RAM, thats same as iPhone.
It also has bluetooth built in - but crippled.

The only difference would be the camera, and cell radio.

I agree, its a bit of a rip off!
However, I hv used both, running same apps side by side & the 3Gs is way faster in loading, processing & running these apps. Whether its worth the extra premium only the 'must have's' can answer that question.
Also note that a 64GB iPod is now available, means the 64Gb iPhone won't be too far behind (probably Mar/Feb 2010).

there will not be a price cut,they are in great demand,Apple rarely cut prices anyway and normally only when a new product is introduced like the ipod range yesterday

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However, I hv used both, running same apps side by side & the 3Gs is way … However, I hv used both, running same apps side by side & the 3Gs is way faster in loading, processing & running these apps.

You must have compared iphone 3Gs to a iTouch 2G, right?:thinking:

the 8GB version of iTouch 3G has the same CPU as iPhone 3G, but the 32 and 64GB versions have the same CPU as iPhone 3G S. Which is really fast.

No, I compared 3G to 3Gs

....iPhone that is!


new ipods are announced today or was it yesterday?
64gb and the others get a price drop

No video camera for the iPod touch this year - but it does get a new low price point and a top-end memory boost.

The iPod touch 8GB will be sold at £149, starting today, with the 32GB version selling for £229.

A new 64GB model will top the range at £299.

3.1 software

There are no major overhauls to the touchscreen media player, although its ability to run OpenGL 2.0 suggests that it's had a processor overhaul to match the latest iPhone 3G S. The new iPod touch will come with the latest OS 3.1 pre-loaded, letting you enjoy features like Genius Mixes for never-ending themed playlists and the new iTunes LP format.

It's a poor substitute for the nano's VGA video camera, but at least the touch does comes with the Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic (32GB and 64GB versions only). The microphone enables Voice Memos to preserve your nuggets of sonic wisdom, and Voice Control. This promises to let you simply say an artist's name to hear their music, as well controlling playback controls (including shuffle). Nike+ support is built in.

"At just £149 the iPod touch is the most affordable gateway to Apple's revolutionary App Store with more than 75,000 applications that you can wirelessly download right into your iPod touch," said Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. "You get a great iPod, a great pocket computer with the industry's best mobile web browser and a great game player, all in this super-thin beautiful enclosure."

The new iPod touch should be available immediately.


new ipods are announced today btw64gb and the others get a price drop

yesterday you mean:?



yesterday you mean:?

selective quoting....what about the rest of my post:roll:

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So anyone planning to get a iTouch V3 soon?


So anyone planning to get a iTouch V3 soon?

nope,but ordered the new nano last night:)

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Cool... why are you selling one then?


Cool... why are you selling one then?

erm.....selling the old one as I have bought a new one released last night:?

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Oh right... thought you were selling a 5th ED nano...l
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