Do you remember that show? Wanted! - Anyone know where to buy it?

    Basically i want to find out the name of this show i sued to watch on TV, and i want to see if you can buy it on dvd or cideo or whatever.

    I think the show was called Wanted or Hunted or something like that.

    Bascially the idea of the show was to have teams of Two (From the general public) go outside the studio into the real world, and they had to avoid by using public transport two hunters (Professional like detetctives) and the public could phoneup and give the hunters clues as to the publics whereabouts, and basically it was to see who could keep away for the longest.

    Once a team was caught another team was let out and had about a day before the hunters came after them.

    there was more to the show but can't remember exactly.


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    Ooh nevermind i found it after posting the story.…%29

    But does anyone remember it?
    Anyone know where i could buy a video/dvd?
    Four of the trackers from the show - Paul Denchfield, Victoria Fay, Matthew Randall and Sarah Odell.

    A video clip here:…ted

    i'll google it see if it's available in cyberspace somewhere ...…htm
    click on Show reports.

    am not sure if they're available but maybe contact Channel 4? They should be able to help you source a tape ... maybe.
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