Do you think Georgina Baillie will do an "Abi Titmus"?

Found 31st Oct 2008
You know, the old " I didn't do anything wrong but im going to milk my 5 mins of fame for all i can get" plan.

I still dont think what RB & JR did was right but i cant help thinking this girl is trying to get herself as much press as possible.

I think within 2 weeks she will be in a Lads mag, within 4 weeks she will be on Nevermind the Buzzcocks / Loose women, within 2 months she will be a reporter for Richard & Judy then when it all fails she will present an Adult Channel!

Am i wrong? BTW Manuel who?
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Here here, we should start a petition lol the Sun:x has already paid her, for her to give all monies paid to her for her "DISTRESS" to her grandfathers charity eh
just another ho stealing news coverage whilst theres been an earthquake in Pakistan, violence in congo oh and the US election . . .
just give her a Blue Peter badge and be done with it
Doh.......just realised by doing this im giving her more!

isn't that what got RB into trouble?

Your right! :oops:
is she fit?

is she fit?

Check the sun web site!
If she was a bit more savvy and got herself in with a good agent like Max Clifford she could have made a mint and would have become a celebrity. She's coming across as a whinger and a bit of a hypocrite as she did sleep with Russell. As for selling her story to the Sun isn't that even more embarassing for her grandad?

Check the sun web site!

eh...I'd have a do...
georgina who?YAWN!

eh...I'd have a do...


would have though she'd been right up your street ODB ...:whistling:
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