Do you think if these online positive reviews are real or fake? Red Driving School

Found 20th Aug 2010
I'm looking to learn to drive and did a bit research online by reading reviews and found a driving school that is exceptionally good. 81 reviews in total and average is 4 stars. And then I started reading it more in depth and something just doesn't seem right. Reviews for driving schools usually get very low marks so I'm wondering if you guys know if Red Driving school is actually that good or is it more likely they just asked all their instructors to give 5 star reviews for themselves??? What do you guys think?

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Where about's are you located? maybe some members may be able to recommend someone for you? I had an amazing instructor i would tell you about if your from kent?
I had a good instructor from BSM and i'm in Dumfries.
I had 5 instructors all of them crap and on of them happened to be from RED and he was ok-ish taught me a lot more than the others did.
really depends who you get, more people will complain about something that write good reviews

best to have a taster lesson or one hour with someone and see how you get on
Just a heads up for you,alot of Reds driving instructors are not fully qualified,they are on "Pink trainee licence".My advice is go with an instructor that has been recommended to you,that way you know the "review" is for real.
Agree with UKwomble... get family or friends recommendations. Also go with local schools rather than national, I find the local ones are nicer and less strict on time, also see you as a customer and treat you like one, rather than a number.
I'd be wary of online reviews as they're so easily fabricated. It wouldn't surprise me if Red instructors wrote reviews for themselves tbh...

I learnt with a local woman who was decent enough. If you know someone who has learnt recently, see who they used and ask if they were any good (and how much they cost!). A few quid saved per lesson will add up if you have say 30 hours..
i learnt with red and passed first time

but my instructor left red and moved to a different driving school a few months after i passed
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One of the local red drivers is my mates cousin, most people he's taught pass first time. As above go for family reccomendations.
Do they do any special offers so you can try them out first? Many schools do first lesson free etc. Thats the best way as you get to see if you feel comfortable and click with the instructor.
Have seen a lot of bad things about red on the drivers side of things (e.g. promising the drivers training and not doing it, taking their money and not giving them customers etc). Been on a lot of watchdog/dont get done get dom type of programmes

Not heard anything from the learners side of things, but if they arent looking after their employers cant see them looking after their customers if there was a problem
Red Driving have an offer of 2 hours lesson but just pay for 1. BSM is offering £20 for 2 lessons. But after the promotion BSM will work out to be cheaper by about £2 per hour. I'm thinking about taking up both Red Driving and BSM's special offers and then choose between them and go with the better instructor?
I had a BSM instructor but moved with him to a different company mid way through my lessons, more to do with instructors issues with BSM than any I had. I believe with the big companies if you don't like the instructor you can just request a switch.

One thing I wish I had known before booking was that you don't need any of the additional crap they try to sell you as £10 software does the job just as well.
i went with bsm and paid just over £500 for a block booking and had 3 instructors! the 3rd was great and i passed my test with him and also with bsm you can go in and use their systems to practice your theory and hazard aslo free of charge as often as you like i did this and found it useful they also had a driving simulator
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