Do you think its reasonable for me to sell...

    my xbox 360 hd-dvd player with 2 movies (bourne supremacy and 2 fast 2 furious) for around £30? on ebay



    i think i saw a deal here for the hddvd player @ £15
    so i'd say yea

    obviously that's if you want to move to Bluray
    if you're not intending to invest in bluray as yet, and still want hd movies, then stick to what you have and sell at a later point (at worst, you'll be "loosing" out only on £30)

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    Well i bought the hd-dvd player like a month ago and yeh the quality is very good but i keep getting stuttering all the times on movies and lip synch is like proper out. So im gonna save up for a ps3 and get blu-ray. I prefer xbox to ps3 but just getting it for blu-ray. But the thing is like ps3 are like £300 and i only want one for blu-ray!!!
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