Do you think the Wii U will drop below the £100 mark any time soon?

    As the title says, has anyone had any previous experiences with consoles when a successor comes to market?
    Can i expect the Wii U to drop below the biting point of £100 any time soon?
    The switch recently came out so i'm hoping to see the Wii U drop in price, but so far i haven't seen anything other than the Smyths £150 deal the other day (which was OOS everywhere by the time i saw it).

    I'm hopeful but you guys probably know more about it than my hopeful guessing.


    I don't think the wii did drop as much I mean 50% the mini wii was already cheaper. and don't think there is enough stock around. it will depend on the individual merchant.

    Yes, it was 90 used yesterday at Graingrr Games with a code.

    No chance. If Zelda hadn't been released on it then that would have been a different story. Nintendo are clearly still supporting it and the Wii is still popular, so with 3 consoles in demand, granted at varying levels They have one at under £100, one just over £150 (if you discount the 8GB version) and then the new console which will (my guess) drop to £225 nearer christmas time.

    Brand new they are probably starting to sell out as production has stopped on them. Smyths has the Mario Kart bundle for £199.99 but they are becoming low on stock.
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