do you think this is an ebay con? or not (carpet washer)

    hi all, im after a carpet washer/cleaner and have come across two on ebay, brand new but seem far too cheap. both sellers have no feedback, but are selling the exact same quanity of machines, but both from differnet towns/diff names. (concidence?) only joined on the 17th may-both of them. so have no feedback but have sold a few each today.

    heres the link to the first

    and the second-

    both are selling between £80-£120 on ebay, new

    gut telling me to buy it, cheap and paypal your covered. ive never been conned before but heard lots have recently.

    do i?


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    Usually if its to good to be true - it usually is
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    message them and ask if you can collect, soon see if its legit

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    Usually if its to go to be true - it usually is

    i was thinking that, but if i order and they dont come then i should claim via paypal. sounds silly but does seem to good to be true

    Free P&P, cost that much to post it, total scam IMO.

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    message them and ask if you can collect, soon see if its legit

    i emailed this morning but havent heard anything yet. think i will email the other one as i only did one. see if i can pick up-good idea. thanks

    he has no feedback = scam

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    yeah, both of the other items that they are selling, havent got pictures. thought they might of been the same person? think i will stay away then. thanks guys

    watch it and wait to see what feedback is left
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