do you think this is right

    i have a old nationwide account that had 3 pound in it and i was out and lost my money for my lunch so i went inside the bank and explained and she said no you have to use the cashline and i laughed and said i dont think it gives pound coins and she said no we can only give you a amount over 30 pound in here.
    i think thats shocking even though its only 3 pound


    No I don't think that is right! However if that is their policy then the cashier is adhering to that and simply doing their job.

    You should have spoken to a manager who may have assisted better.

    you should have closed your account and taken the £3 out, then opened it

    yeh defo close the account, teach them a lesson and bank elsewhere!

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    what did you get for lunch for then?

    nothing lol:)

    Nope I don't think that's right. I've got a Nationwide Flexaccount and I had £7 left in there last year - went into branch and withdrew it without any problems.

    what? I work for a bank.....not that bank but have never heard of that? and yes you should have asked to speak to the manager.

    They can't refuse you access to your own money, if it's less than £10 then they must give you it in the bank if you ask. I'd go back and complain to the manager.....

    or deposit £27 in and take £30 out!

    The HSBC near me has a rule like that but it is only during peak times (generally lunch time)
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