Do you tip your paper boy?

Found 22nd Dec 2010
Just got a Christmas card from the paper boy, and it made me wonder "Do you tip your paper boy at Christmas? And if so, how much?" All replies appreciated.
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yes around 2-5 depending on service
My son got anything from a £2 to £10.
I used to be a daily paper boy and it was great getting a tip, usually got £3 to £5 which was a nice thank you for getting peoples papers to them before they went to work and with the weather at the moment I think they should get medals.
Yes I probably would.

I always leave something out for the postman, usually a box of chocolates because if I had parcels and I wasnt at home he would always try and leave it somewhere or with someone so I didnt have to go to the sorting office, or when parcels go missing he would be in the sorting office trying to find them for me, and he would always stop if he sees me to say where he had left my parcels.

I use to do the same when we got milk delivered to the house.

You don't have to tip money but if you do want to give him something im sure he would really appreciate it.
YesI would give him/her a about £5.oo
not a deal

not a deal

It's not in deals??!!
My lad has a paper round and posts 30 papers a day and this year in tips he got £130 but he had to work for it, I wouldnt like to do it for that money.
I don't buy newspapers, but I always tip the postman - I think half the mail for the street come here
50p tip
I don't have a paper delivered but if I did I would tip.

It's not in deals??!!

In my browser it's in forums -> deals
I deliver papers and so far I have £260 ranging from £2 - £15. Have to have the postman and milkmans aswell though! He will take mine if he gets there before me so it's only fair
i used to love my paper round(s). made sure all year i gave a top service & reaped the rewards @ chrimbo. one year must have come away with about £60 in tips.
My son has been delivering 35 papers, 6 days a week and takes him approx an hour. He gets £15 a week and so far has had £8 in tips. Tightwads round here
i use to do a paper round 12 years ago got £9 a week to deliver 30-40 papers at christmas time id get around 40-50 in tips it would make my day id say if uve had ur paper fine every day for the year a fiver is good
was thinking the same about the milkman!
One day this year I got a Daily Mail instead of The Times, still haven't got over it, NO TIP
you must be joking.
When I was a teenager I was a paperboy so I always tip at Christmas - currently £5.
do you tip your paperboy at christmas???

dont you tip him every week?

between 1-2 quid each week

£15 tip @ christmas same for the window cleaner.

when i used to deliver papers around 23 years ago i got around £5 tip at christmas and at the glasgow fair off just about all my customers.
tip? no.

touch? yes.
On my paper round 14 years ago I got over £100 in tips and I also got chocolates from the shop when the customers went in and bought me them there and left them with the manager. Was great, loved it!

One day this year I got a Daily Mail instead of The Times, still haven't … One day this year I got a Daily Mail instead of The Times, still haven't got over it, NO TIP

haha yeah I was gutted when I made mistakes like that
We did, deserves it for battling through this weather, everything else seems to be stopping but the paperboy has battled on and we have had a newspaper every day
Tip shut the gate you spotty git
I dont have a paper boy/girl delivering and when growing up they were useless anyway, we would cancel the papers for a week or two whilst away and he would still deliver then get snotty demanding cash from us.

These days most paperboys/girls I see are driven around by parents anyway so its hardly them risking their lives on a bike anyway.

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