Do you turn into your parents when you have a child

    As title says, i let my kids do somethings i was not allowed to do but i don't let them away with other things i could do.
    ok for instance my kids do give me a bit of cheek (within reason) that i would never have got away with but i wont let them watch certain films/tv programmes.
    i was allowed to watch horror films before i was a teenager (the exorcist at 10) but i would never let my kids watch anything rated over 12a. i did get a kick out of watching them freak out at the head bit in jaws mind you.


    Yes and no. Sometimes I found myself saying things that I remembered my parents saying to me - but I was a lot more careful about where my daughter went out to play than my parents were. And I NEVER used spit in a hanky to clean my daughter's face!

    I've heard it said that every woman passes a curse on her children. Sooner or later they always say "I hope your kids are as horrible to you as you are being to me!" And it always comes true ...

    Yes - I now realise how awful we were as kids! And I sound like my mother (which I said I would never do) and have also said what Spod said about hoping their kids are just as horrible I even do stuff that we did when I was a child - like Christmas/Easter traditions we did.
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